Thursday, July 30, 2009

My School Room

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Well, I have been promising some friends that I would post some pictures of my school room and I finally got around to it. Yes, that's right I have 8 bookshelves and they are all packed. Now you have to remember that I love books and I also have three children in all levels of school. So there, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

If you notice the basket on the floor it has some puzzles in baggies for us to use. Really those puzzles are just about ready to be given away. We will use them this year but that's it for them. Yes I have a ladder. I need one. Can you tell?
This is my table. I have lots of books on it right now. I am in the process of figuring out what books we will use and working on our schedule. If you notice on the floor under the table there are some dinosaur counters and a few odds and ends. Well, my baby loves to sit under there and play with them. I also have some stacks of things that are ready to be given away. The things in the black rolling carrier is full of things we no longer need. That is all going to be given away.

The stack on the floor is getting ready to be sold. I'll probably put them all on my blog next time. I've done some major cleaning and decluttering. It may not look like it but I have gotten rid of lots of paper. How is it that we homeschoolers accumulate so much paper? That blue lid tub is for someone that let me borrow her things a while back and I need to return them. I just need to find her.

Here is a close up view of my bookshelves. This one has the baskets that we will be using for all their books. At the moment they are packed with everything I would like to do between now and Monday I have to get it all in order and only have in there what they will be doing.

Here are the bookshelves from top to bottom. Top of all bookshelves have games that we will be using.

Do you see that stack of books on the floor? Gotta get rid of those too.

On the right corner you can see the books of the bible game I made with clothes pins last year. It also has the calendar on the other side. It's homemade. It's amazing what you can do with pvc pipe.

I made my own schedule pages because I just can not, I said can not, do Homeschool Tracker. I have to have things written down. So I'm in the process of working out our plans for geography only because I am looking forward to doing that.

So there you go. That is a glimpse of my school room and my many bookshelves. Many, many bookshelves. Next year I will be getting rid of my little babies readers. I'm so not looking forward to that. I can hear him now, "I'm to old for those books." *sigh*

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


Missi said...

Loads of resources! No library day needed, it's everyday at your casa =0)

Looks y'all have a busy and exciting year ahead of "cracking the books"

Appliejuice said...

It looks great! I have been in and out of our school room all summer. Today we worked on our individual shelves. I think I'll take pictures like you and give a tour. :)

I am like you, I have to have things written on paper. I make my own planners also. Paper is good. lol

hsmomma said...

Thanks for sharing! heheh I love books!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Thanks for the glimpse!

I need tall bookcases like you have. Honestly, I need to purge books. It's a painful task as I love each one. But the boys are a'growing and just don't have any interest in certain ones anymore. *sigh*

bayoujac said...

I think this is the official start to the new school year - when we start hitting the shelves.

I love your set up, and of course, I jotted down some titles from your stash.
I have Homeschool Tracker, and I used it last year, but it ended up being a bit problematic, because I had tried scheduling a full year, when I ended up changing the plan 3 months in.
I like the fact that it keeps up with attendance and grades, but I think I would rather have things written down in front of me, too.

Where did you get your forms?

Sharon said...

Wonderful library! Our library doesn't have as many now that I am only schooling one. I have downloaded Homeschool Tracker also and can't seem to make good use of it. :-/