Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spelling Out the Answers

I did a post on All About Spelling a few posts back. In that post I talked about a great hands on spelling program. What is so hands on about it? Well, you use magnetic tiles at the beginning to show what letters go with what sounds. Then you start putting them together. When my boys see this coming out they look at it as a game. Which means it's one of their favorite subjects and that is a good thing.

From the previous post I was asked a few things. One of the things was at what age level would you start level 1? What I have to say about that is that this program is not level1=grade 1 or level 2=grade 2. I started my 6yr old on level 1 and I also started my 11yr old on level 1. You would always want to start at level 1 to make sure the kiddos know what sounds go with what letters.

Those older ones that start with level 1 will zip through the level faster than a 6yr old. What I like about this program is that you go as fast or as slow as you need to. If your child knows the information then do it and move on till you get to something that they need a little more time on. You will notice that each child may have something they missed and they need a little more time on it to get it and that is ok.

What I did was start with level 1 with both boys. I got one book and two extras student materials. My 11yr old will be going on to Level 2 this year and my little one is still on level 1 so I don't need the extra set of things for the little one.

Another thing is that this program is also good for those with dyslexia which my 11yr old has. I see improvement in his reading and spelling every day. It will never be what the others are but that is ok. He is getting better and will be the best he can be.

There will be 6 levels in this program and by the time we reach level 6 it will be a high school level. So for 6 books you get up to high school. The advantage to buying it one book or level at a time is the cost in my opinion. There are some programs out there for dyslexics that cost a ridiculously amount of money that you have to dish out at once. This way you pay as you go and if it doesn't work for you then you don't feel like you spent so much money for nothing.

I hope this review will answer questions about this program. We will continue using it this year.


Jimmie said...

Yes! Anything to make spelling easier, more fun, more memorable -- DO it! :-)

Jimmie said...

Whoops! I came over to see your new button and got totally sidetracked with spelling! You did it! Wonderful!
:-) I'll be featuring it soon.


I saw your post about the black swallowtail. We are at my mom's and we found many of these caterpillars eating her dill and parsley. I'm going to post a picture when I get back home.
Also, how do I make a blog button?Thanks for visiting my lapbook blog. I've been taking a break for the summer but can't wait to get back into it again.

Appliejuice said...

That looks interesting!

alecat said...

Thank you for sharing this post, and the photos of it 'in use'. I've looked at this program and wondered if it would be good for my daughter, or even if I can use some of the principles with books we already have in the house. You've given me some ideas I may try out, so thanks! :)