Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dirty Dirt Diggers

We're going on a bug hunt, going on a bug hunt....

What in the world are those things in the ground. We are studying geography and since I have these in the backyard all over the place we decided to study these creatures. So what are they?

These are called Ant Lion Larvae. These are smart creatures. Why are they called antlions? The name makes sense since their food are ants and they ambush like a lion. Look at those jaws too. I'd hate to be the ant that falls in their trap.

These little creatures hide beneath the dirt and wait for their food to come walking by.

They have long jaws that once their prey is caught they kill it and ok here it is they suck the ant dry. Nasty! I am actually glad we have a ton of these because we have so many ants. These will actually become something similar to a dragon fly.

I found a You Tube video that is pretty interesting. Take a look at what they do.

By the way, these little antlions will go with just about any country you study. Have you seen them where you live?


Anonymous said...

I did this with my son several years ago. I should do it again with the girls. :)

hsmomma said...

Cool! Love the addition of the video.