Monday, September 28, 2009

Preparation for Vacation

9:00am  Started the washer again.  Have all washed clothes laying out ready to fold and pack in suitcases.  Pulled out the luggage.  Cleaned up breakfast dishes.  

10:30 Reloaded the washer.  Got kids to strip beds.  We are coming home to clean beds.  Start folding clothes.  

11:30  Hear, "I'm hungry, what's for lunch."  Start looking at my dress clothes and figuring out what I will take.  Make lunch, all leftovers.  We are not leaving anything in the fridge to spoil.  

1pm  Get ready to go into town.  Returning shoes that looked good and fit good but in the evening my feet were swollen and those will not work. Paid some bills and went to bank.  Stopped for 1/2 price slushes at Sonic. Boys got happy about that.  We love their strawberry limeade slushes.  Quick stop to return shoes at Academy.  WalMart next.  Boys need pants, weather will be cooler than we are used to.  Got a few more things and saw my mom there. 

4:00pm  Home and reloading washer and dryer.  Internet time, check emails.  Feet hurting and swollen.  

5:00  Boys do chores.  Finish up math.  Wondering why men have to put leaky pens in their dress shirt pockets and then forget to mention it.  Sheets for one bed ready and give to son to get it done.  Start wondering if I will ever be packed by Wed.

6:00  Forgot the time in my rush with washer and dryer and folding and packing.  Hubby walks in and I get to making dinner.  

7:30 Cleaning up kitchen.  Boys help put things away.  Hubby kindly offers to wash dishes. *smiling*  I'm off to get that packing taken care of.  

10:00  Two bags packed.  Tomorrow I will pack dress clothes.  Kitchen clean.  Reloaded washer with little clothes we have left and spot treated some to rewash.  

Still have at least two more loads of towels and a few sheets.  Showers.  Mentally going over the packed bags several times to make sure I have what we need.  We are having to take detergent because we are definitely going to need to do a load or two before coming home.  

Morning: taking the van for a recall part to be installed and an oil change.  Then wash and vacuum and gas it up. 

Lunch with mom in town.   Getting cold cuts and bread for the trip. Then heading home to start packing up the van.

Afternoon: Start loading up van.  Rush, rush, rush......

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